What Game Has The Best Odds In A Casino?


Walking into a casino, whether for the first time or to make your millionth bet, you cannot help but be captivated by awesomeness. These small rooms have the ability to hold several highly competitive and rewarding gambling games. All games are neatly positioned to allow the gambler to easily place a real money wager. The number of games that are on offer can cause a moment of confusion even to seasoned gamblers. At the end, the selection of the game to play is made on a variety of factors. One of the most important factors to consider are the odds of winning the game. Other things to consider are the player’s knowledge of the game and the minimum bet per play.

The games in a casino all have different odds. Table games have different odds from gambling machines like slots and video poker. Even among the table games, there are major differences in the odds offered in the games. Each version of the game has its own odds. This means the odds of European blackjack and American blackjack are different. At online casinos, each game software developer also adjusts the odds of winning on their games to make them more attractive to players. Traditional australian online roulette from two different developers would have different odds.

Tables over Slots

There is no doubt that table games have better odds for players. This is when compared with slots, video poker and lottery-type games. The reason many people flock to the games with lower odds is that of the massive jackpots on offer.

While table games will reward gamblers with regular wins, the wins are usually a couple of times the bet. The wins on slots machines are several hundreds of times the bet. However, the odds of getting the winning combination on a slot machine are very low. Many gamblers prefer to play table games which have higher bets and lower jackpots. Its seems a more attractive option than playing games with low bets but the chances of winning are so low.

Table Games with the Best Odds

Table games all basically have really good odds. For some of the games, players can improve their odds of winning. Factors like that which reduce the house edge have to be accounted for in choosing the game with the best chances of winning. Below is a list of the top table games and their odds along with other tips that will help choose the game with the best odds for you. Your personal gambling strategy is the ultimate determinate to your real odds of winning a particular game.


This is one of the most beloved table games. The odds of winning in this game are quite good. Players can expect a house edge that allows players to win back about 95% of total bets. The use of good strategy has been known to reduce the house edge to below 1%.

A good strategy in blackjack involves knowing which cards to split in a particular situation. You only split low-value cards when the dealer’s hand is 5 or 6. When your hand is showing a 12 or 13 and the dealer’s hand is below 5 you should hit. There are a lot more tips that are available all over the internet that can help you improve your odds.



The European version of the game has better odds of winning than the American version with the double zeros. This is because the extra zero increases the number of outcomes that a player can get per play. The result is that the probability of getting any one outcome reduces and so do the odds of winning.

The house edge in European roulette in around 2.7%. This is higher than other table games on this list. Using a good strategy, a player will lose very little after a long period playing. Even if you choose to play every number on the table you will lose a $1 each play.


The game of baccarat is one of the simplest games to play when in a top rated online casino. This too counts when considering your odds of winning. The more complex a game, the more unlikely you are to win. In baccarat, there are 3 possible outcomes. Either the dealer wins, the player wins or they draw. The gambler can bet on any of the three outcomes. Betting on the banker wins 45.9% of the time while betting on the player wins 44.6% of the time. Ties occur on 9.5% of the hands dealt.

Since the banker bet wins more often, most casinos impose a 5% commission on banker wins. This increases the house edge appropriately. The poor thing about this game is that it hits and stands automatically, therefore, no strategy can be used.


The best for last. Craps is the most exciting game and it has the best odds on the list. Again, it is important to note that casino gaming is individual specific but Craps rocks. Whether you are playing this game online or at a land-based establishment this casino game is fun. That is why at land-based casinos people stand around the table cheering. They are cheering because of the fun and because they are winning.

Craps accepts low wagers and the bets are not that complicated. The basic bets are the Pass Line and the Don’t Pass bets. These two bets have house edges of 1.4 and 1.36 respectively. However, it is considered bad gambling etiquette to bet against everyone else.