The Extra Benefits You’ll Receive with a Pay by Skrill Casino Account


Have you ever used a pay by Skrill casino before? If you haven’t, then you don’t know what you’re missing out on! Skrill is a fantastic e-wallet payment option that can be used in many of your favourite online casinos. There are millions of users of Skrill across the globe, and it now operates in more countries than PayPal, so it is definitely a payment option to give a shot!
While many people already use a pay by Skrill casino and know of all the fantastic benefits to using this payment option, which include the ease of use, convenience of use, the better than PayPal commission and payment rates, and peace of mind security, many people are not aware of all the extra perks that you can get when using a pay by Skrill casino. Of course, like all payment options, there are also some downsides as well as positives. That’s why you should carry on reading to find out whether this is a good payment option for you compared to other services such as PayPal.

Pay by Skrill Casino Extra Perks

One of the best things about using Skrill is that the more you use it, the more extra perks you will receive! We are sure that as an online casino gambler you will be using this payment option frequently, as so a rewards programme will definitely be something that is worth your while. Remember, the more cash that you can save, the more you’ll have to spin the reels of fun slot games at your favourite pay by Skrill casino site!
With Skrill, there is a fantastic VIP Membership programme just waiting for you to join. This is mainly aimed at high monthly spenders, but like we said before, this will be fantastic for those of you who are high flyers with your online casino spending. One you reach £6,000 you will move up the VIP ladder to the Bronze level, then when you hit £15,000 you will jump up to silver, and then to reach Gold you will need to hit £30,000. Finally, the top level that you can reach is diamond which will set you back a cool £90,000, however, while this may seem like a lot of cash, we’re sure many casino players will get through this amount in no time at all.
Another cool advantage of using Skrill is that it also offers a debit card which can be used in Europe! This means that players can go to a cash machine and physically withdraw cash instantly.

Pay by Skrill Casino Conclusion

There are a few disadvantages to using Skrill. One of these is that while it is pretty cool that you can get yourself a debit card, you will be charged withdrawal fees when using it which may put some players off. Furthermore, if you do not use your pay by Skrill casino account for one year, you will start to be charged £1 monthly.
We would say that overall, the pros definitely outweigh the cons when it comes to using Skrill, so give it a go today and see how much you could win online!