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Our menus
assorted pickled local produce, LRC mustard, bread. $6
grilled cauliflower, togirashi, chimichurri, peppers, onions, tomato, balsamic shallot. GF $7
crispy braised natural Duroc pork belly, country mustard, LRC garlic pickles. GF $8
smashed gold potatoes, herb oil, sald, spicy aioli. GF $6
skirt steak, peppers, onions, tomato, chimichurri, balsamic poached shallot. GF $9
crispy fried cauliflower, chimichurri aioli. GF $6
smoked steelhead, chia infused goat cheese, salsa verde, bread. $9
smoked tomato coulis, chia infused goat cheese, roasted garlic, bread. GF+2 $7
fried artichoke hearts, blue cheese aioli. GF $7
cod, apple cider batter, remoulade, sea salt, vinegar, potato slices. GF $8
chicken wings, jerk marinade, fermented red cabbage, limecilantro crema. GF $9
brussel sprouts with bacon, white wine, cream, pecorino, breadcrumbs. $7
beet, orange, radish, chia infused goat cheese. GF $7
local vegetables, risotto, beet juice, annatto, chia seeds. GF $6
iceberg, crispy bacon, smoked gouda, pickled grapes, red onion, smoked tomato vin. GF $10
spinach, feta, mint, art hearts, sunflower seeds, steelhead, tzatziki vin. GF $8
Ĺ- $4
kale, beets, radish, cucumber, chia infused goat cheese, beet vin. GF $8
½- $4
kale, marinated skirt steak, caramelized onions & peppers, blue cheese, seared lime vin. GF $8
½- $4

LRC would like to remind you that eating under cooked meat, egg or shellfish may cause illness. Please let us know if you have any food allergies, we are happy to accomodate.

housemade beet burger, feta, chowchow, kale, brioche bun, LRC pickles. GF+2 $8
lamb burger, feta, tzatziki, spinach, brioche bun, LRC pickles. GF+2. $9
cod, apple cider batter, mixed greens, chimichurri aioli, brioche bun, LRC pickles. GF+2 $9
(Grilled Italian Flatbread)
smoked tomato, basil, mozzarella roasted garlic, balsamic gastrique. $7
roasted beets, garlic, kale, goat cheese, pickled grapes. $7
bacon, onion jam, mustard, thyme, gouda. $7
cured meats & cheese
select imported, domestic, or house specialties served w/ house jam, crackers, fruit, mustard, and LRC pickles. ask staff what made “the cut” $10
wild boar, prosciutto, pecorino, bolognese, pappardelle. $10
smoked pork shoulder and tomatoes, fried kale, polenta, balsamic gastrique. GF $10
Manila clams, garlic, bacon, white wine, cream, warm bread $10
French cut chicken breast, spinach, red wine, smoked tomato coulis, pecorino. GF $12
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